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[FMA] The Frog Prince

Title: The Frog Prince
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: Mei's disappointment won't let her sleep. Mei/Ed, Mei/Al. Spoilers up to chapter 62.
Rating: G.
Words: 510
To: veneotaqueen, because she gave me the prompt. :3

Mei couldn't sleep.

It wasn't her first night in doctor Knox's couch, and now she had Xiao Mei back. Thus, it wasn't the nostalgia the one that kept her awake.

She didn't dare to move, to go to the window to look up to the stars --as any woman in a mood like hers would've done it. The doctor had been clear enough: she needed to rest. The man had earned her respect, and Mei didn't wasn't to suffer the consequences of a new disobedience.

What kept Mei awake was an awful disappointment, a broken dream. More than that, it had been a mockery!

The handsome prince she had dreamed of was, actually, a buffoon.

Mei felt all of her blood going up to her cheeks. She was grateful that no-one ever knew about her feelings, so no-one could laugh at her. Xiao Mei knew, of course, but there wasn't a soul as kind and as sweet as Xiao Mei's, to whom Mei was willing to share everything, even love deceptions.

Mei sighed a deep, wounded sigh, which echoed through the room before vanishing into the darkness.

"What is it?" asked a sleepy voice, coming from behind the couch, one that made her jump. It belonged to doctor Knox, who held a mug filled with hot coffee in one hand and scratched his stubble with the other one.

"Nothing..." Mei covered herself up to her nose with the blanked.

"You can't sleep, right?"

Mei nodded.

The doctor sat down on the couch's edge and sipped his coffee. He remained thoughtful for a while and, suddenly, he began talking. "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a golden castle..."

Knox's story was one like Mei had never heard before; she wondered if it was a traditional Amestris's folktale. Either way, she would have to tell a story from her clan once the doctor finished his, as a thank you. On the meantime, she listened every word carefully, so she could share the new tale with her people when she were back among them.

The story was about a princess, like her, who dreamed of marrying a handsome prince, like her. Nevertheless, what the princess found was an ugly frog --yes, just like her. Still, after the princess went through three tests --water, fire, and compassion--, it was found that the frog was under a spell and that it was, after all, the prince with whom she wanted to spend her life.

The ending --and they lived happily ever after-- made Mei feel like she had found a Truth of Life. Like any other tale told by a medicine-man, this one was full of wisdom.

What Mei had to do was to wait. Wait until she was healthy again, and then look for the way to break the spell Edward Elric was under. That way, they both would be able to face, together, whatever that may come.

The good intentions lasted until she heard Alphonse was under no spell she would have had to break.
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